The Right Side of Fifty | A blog for woman over fifty that want to be strong, healthy and fit.

It all started when…

… my kids grew up. My husband, Keith and I, suddenly had free time. I decided I wanted to do something with all my experience and knowledge. I’ve been a nurse for about 30 years and most of that time has been as a critical care nurse in emergency. I’ve seen just about everything!

I can triage a person coming to emergency and predict what health conditions they will reveal to me. But sadly, I can only do so much under the umbrella of a nurse in the hospital, but, here on The Right Side of Fifty, I can expand on topics and really help coach you to your optimum health.

This is for you! It’s all about helping you feel great, be healthy, look your best, and live a hygge life after the age of fifty.

What to expect from the right side of fifty

Hi! I’m Anneli, I’m fifty-four years old, hence the name - wink - and the person behind this site. I’m here to encourage you to do all those things, you’ve put off for far too long. I’m here to help you make things happen, to live your best life, to live a more intentional and enjoyable life, and to cherish all the moments, whether good or bad.

Why I want to help you live a healthier life after the age of fifty

I love health, which for me encompasses mental health, as well as physical health. I’m a mental health advocate and strongly, believe the hashtag - mental health is health. It’s not just a hashtag to me, but, a fact!

I also believe that dementia can be beat, or, at least delayed by lifestyle choices. I personally have a strong desire to beat the odds, specifically, beat the odds with Alzheimer’s Disease (which runs in my family), and stay as fit, and healthy as possible, for as long as possible!

I also love all things Nordic, and Scandinavian, as my roots are in Finland. I was born and had a few early years in beautiful Helsinki, Finland. So, the dark nights, cold winters, and hot saunas instilled in me a love of hygge, before I knew the word existed, and long before it became a “thing”.

I believe everyone needs encouragement, and a helping hand along the way, and, that’s what my goal is for The Right Side of Fifty! I want to encourage you to live a healthy, youthful, peaceful, and fulfilled life… now.

I hope you find some helpful tips, and interesting topics, here on The Right Side of Fifty, and share your insights in the comment sections. Please join our newsletter readership to get a monthly email with updates, and interesting topics to peruse.