How to find your home decorating style

How to find your home decorating style is really about what makes you feel comfortable, and, what makes you feel a sense of peace and happiness. This is what I’ve determined coming full circle back to my nordic roots. I’m back to wanting a clean, minimalist lifestyle which is something I had, in the first several years of my life living in Finland. It’s seems odd to call it a minimalistic style, though, because, in reality I see it more of a Scandinavian lifestyle, which is made up of clean lines, and an airy feel. But, whatever it is… I’m feeling it now.

Natural looking greenery and white flowers on a rustic table

When I first moved out on my own everything I was drawn to was in the Scandi style, then, somewhere over the years I lost that, and started adding things that I liked at first glance, but, later I was never happy with. So, what’s happened is my home is an accumulation of bits and pieces that just don’t make me happy.

When flipping through magazines, checking out Pinterest, or watching YouTube videos what I’m drawn to is almost anything that has a Scandinavian look… whether it’s clothing style, or home style.

Branch with green leaves on a clean white background

The first thing I have to do to get back to my roots, is to declutter. I’m going to go through each room and gather everything that doesn’t make me happy. Then I will look at all my furniture and decide what can I do without, what isn’t useful anymore, and those items will be given away, or sold. If I can repair or repurpose, I will.

Rustic table with a white bowl filled with pinecones
A string of outside lights lit and providing cozy feeling

I’ve started a mood board on Pinterest for my home. Just a general board that isn’t specific to any room. I think this way I will get a better picture of what I really am drawn to. I do have one room I call my Scandinavian bedroom. It’s our spare bedroom that I have been slowly, and I mean very slowly completing. I have mood board for this “Scandinavian bedroom” on Pinterest. Before I came to the realization of what I’m truly drawn to, I was slowly being called to it, because I was already starting to create a small nook in my home in this very particular theme. But, now I’m expanding! Not just one small room any longer, but, my complete home!

Five steps to find your home decorating style

  1. Go through each room in your home and declutter.

    Remove everything that doesn’t make you happy, makes you feel guilty for purchasing it in the first place, has a bad memory attached to it, is broken or doesn’t work any longer. Then decide what is a throw away, a give away or can be sold.

  2. Start a Pinterest mood board for your home.

    Add pictures you are drawn to, that evoke feelings of peace and happiness. As you see your Pinterest board start to fill, you will see a common thread emerging. Make note of this common thread, whether its dark floors, white walls, lots of floral prints, vintage pieces, or colours that standout in each picture. This is what you’re drawn to and should be incorporated into your home.

  3. Evaluate at your furniture with a critical eye.

    As you see your style emerge on your mood board you will be able to better organize your thoughts and have a clearer vision of what you really feel comfortable with in your home. Go through your home and look at all your furniture with a critical eye and decide if each piece is something you want to keep because it suits your style. if it’s something you can DIY or repurpose to make work, or it’s a give away, or you want to sell.

  4. Repaint your clean slate.

    Once you’ve decluttered and gotten rid of furniture that is broken down or not inline with your vision, repaint your home to give yourself a clean slate to work with. Be sure to check in with your mood board, so, that you pick paint colours that are in keeping with what you’re drawn to, and will bring your vision to life.

  5. Start adding pieces to your home that are in sync with your vision.

    Now you can slowly rebuild your home. Be very deliberate about what you bring into your home whether it’s items you purchase or thrift or find free. Do not be impulsive! This is all about building the home of your visions and that doesn’t happen with impulse purchases. Check in with your mood board often, and stick to the colour schemes, and styles you have decided are right for you. To be even more deliberate in your restyling, and, have less risk of going off track, decorate one room at a time.

I hope you have found this helpful! Please let us know in the comments if you have a board on Pinterest for your home design. Leave us a link so, we can check it out. ~Anneli

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