Soup warms the heart!

I love making soup! I love eating soup! My favourite kinds are rustic, slightly pureed, not overly spicy, with lots of root vegetables. They’re the most comforting to me and are high on my list of favourite comfort foods. Not only is soup one of my favourite comfort foods, It’s a great way to pack your meal with lots of nutrients and fibre. I can make soup in large batches, even when it’s just my husband and I, so, we will have meals ready made stored in the freezer. It’s a perfect meal to make when you’re not sure if your kids are going to show up for dinner or not!

Fall, winter, and spring are soup making seasons for me. When it’s cold outside, or just grey and rainy a yummy bowl of hearty soup is so good.

I basically never follow a soup recipe to the letter either. I always add more of this or that, and it’s usually because I’m making way more than what the recipe is designed for. Do you do the same? I scan the ingredient list and then chop away. I do try to follow the sequence of what goes in when and so on, but, that’s basically it for following a recipe. The veggies go into the pot in the quantities that correlate with my love of that particular vegetable (that’s the truth). Soups are a one dish wonder! The one dish deal may be my favourite part of making soup! Less dishes and clean up!

My all time favourite soup and the one that is always a surprise, and very often a pleasant surprise, is my clean out the fridge soup, loving called the garbage soup. When the vegetables are on their last leg, its time for this soup. My husband would die if he saw the wilted celery I use or the noodly carrots I chop up and put in the pot! (Some things are best kept quiet).

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to my love of vegan soups. Soups in all their glory! Pureed soups, beany soups, stewy soups, spicy soups, hearty soups, and so on. Check it out if you’re into soup like I am and let me know if you try one of the recipes I have saved.

I’m feeling a bit chilly right now, this winter just doesn’t want to go away, and I’m wishing I had a delicious bowl of this hearty soup I polished off the other day, Creamy Vegan Potato Broccoli Soup, by The Plant Eaters. It has lots of potatoes (one of my favourite foods ever) and broccoli, yet, it’s creamy and comforting.

That’s all for now. If you have a delicious vegan soup recipe… please share!

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