What are you really good at?

What are you really good at? Recently this question came up and I was hard pressed to come up with an answer. It’s along the same lines as being asked what are you passionate about?

I have to say I couldn’t come up with an answer right away. I’m good at my job, which is being an emergency room nurse, and I have other skills I’m good at, but, I don’t consider my job my passion (at least I don’t any longer) and its certainly not my hobby. Plus I don’t think the question was intended as a way to express my aptitude in my job, but, more to express my desires and passions.

I used to say I loved to read, but, that’s gone a bit by the way side. So, I called my sister! I know what she’s great at doing and I know what she loves to do, on her time off from work, and I’d even wager a bet she would say the same thing that I would say about her. So, I asked her what does she think I’m good at. I was waiting in anticipation for what she would say. I was expecting her to say that I’m good at listening and I’m good at encouraging others. What she said was:

So, she said to me, something that was recently told, that we didn’t have the luxury growing up to experience many diverse things. so, we didn’t hone those types of skills, nor did we get to love doing them passionately. My sister and I both started families young and we were hard strapped for money all the time. There was no money or time for hobbies.

Camera place on top of a wooden bannister

Kids took up most of our time and money for many years. But, she said now is your time to do what you enjoy, hone your skills, and find your passion. So, this is why I’m delving into a variety of new and exciting activities now. Writing this blog is one of them, but, also learning photography is another. I’ve always been intimidated by DSLR cameras, but, I’ve taken the bull by the horns and I’ve started using a DSLR camera and it’s not as scary as I had made it out to be. The other thing I always wanted to learn to do, more then learn how to use the DSLR camera was learn to knit socks like my Finnish mummo did! So, at the begining of the year my sister and I took classes and now I’m knitting socks like a Finnish granny! Not quite, but, I’m enjoying it immensly and if you could see the four knitting needles at work you’d get an idea of how terrified I was to learn… I thought I wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

Blue yarn for knitting
Knitted socks and Christmas wrapping

Do you feel like I was feeling, like you couldn’t pinpoint your passion or do you feel you don’t have any interests outside of your family and home? What would make it possible for you to take on some new and interesting hobby? Would it be time that you need more of, or more financial freedom? ~Anneli

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