That sniffle you have could be allergies

Isn’t it great that you’re never too old to get allergies! Of all the things that you probably don’t want, but yet, it could be lurking around the corner for you. I don’t want to be pessimistic, I’m actually trying to be more positive, (it’s one of the many things I’m working on), but, and there is a big… but, I have seen many people with develop allergies later in life. They come to emergency with a new rash, or are just totally itchy, something they’ve never had before, and they are in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. We are never too old! Isn’t life grand!

That sniffle could be allergies | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

The drippy nose you have, and, you keep thinking you’re just fighting off a cold that never materializes. That’s what I had. I even wondered if it was something to do with the procedure mask I wear at work sometimes, because, I don’t have allergies.

Even though I saw soooo many people coming to emergency with severe allergic reactions, and they, also, never had allergies. I’ve seen my own mother stop colouring her greying hair, because, her scalp was too itchy. She never had allergies either. (I tell you iff that ever happens to me… I seriously don’t know what i’d do!) I’ve seen other middle aged women coming to emergency with the exact same issue. With all that knowledge behind me, my drippy nose still wasn’t allergies.

That sniffle could be allergies | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

So, why am I telling you this. Well, just in case this happens to you, if you have an unexplained runny nose that doesn’t go away, if you have itchy skin or eyes, if you have a rash that comes and goes, AND if you don’t have any allergies, you should get checked out by your family doctor. There may be an answer and a solution to your itch.

Natural remedies for seasonal allergies | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

I suffered with my drippy nose, again, way too long, until I finally took an over the counter allergy medication. Low and behold it helped! So, don’t be like me… don’t leave your allergies or reflux untreated like I have. You can read all about my issue with GERD here, the GERD I never had.. sigh.

I’ve decided to try Quercetin to help my body increase it’s immunity, and help decrease inflammation. I’ve only just started to take it daily, so, I’m not sure how it’ll work yet. But, I now know if I get really irritated by my symptoms, I’ll take an over the counter anti-histamine again. I’m also trying a homeopathic remedy for symptom relief. I’ve only used it for 2 days, so, it’s not definitive yet, but, I have noticed my nose isn’t as runny. I’ll keep you posted if these remedies work or if I resort back to an antihistamine (I’ve had a taste of the relief they provide now, so, I won’t go too long without again).

Are you suffering with allergies symptoms too? Let me know. We can commiserate together about our symptoms, and, how we’re managing. It’s kind of nice to find out you’re not the only one suffering. Especially when it’s something new, like it is for me. I’m not used to this! It’s a whole new world this allergy business! - Anneli

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