I folded my underwear and socks!

Yes, I did! I folded my socks, my underwear, my workout clothes, my teeshirts, my pyjamas, and so much more. It’s made me feel so good, that I want to continue to organize, and declutter every other aspect of my life and home!

I read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up probably a year ago. I tried a few of the techniques in the book at that time, but, I guess I wasn’t ready for so much tidying up, yet. For whatever reason this past week I went on a folding kick, well first, I went on a get rid of the clothes I never wear kick, and then I repackaged everything nicely. I really recommend you try this too, if you have the time. There is really nothing to lose, but, space wasting clutter.

I folded my underwear and socks- the right side of fifty
I folded my underwear and socks - the right side of fifty

My drawers have never looked better! It’s been about a week now and they are still looking pristine. What I really enjoy about having all my things folded neatly in perfect view, is exactly that. I can see what I have. Before this, everything was just jumbled up in the drawer, sure my tops and bigger pieces were folded up, but, they were on top of each other, so, every time or at least if I was in a hurry, I’d be flinging things around to find something, and inevitably I never folded things back as nicely.

I folded my underwear and socks - the right side of fifty

I have great faith that this is going to work. I already enjoy being able to see my clothes without lifting pieces up to see what lies beneath. I’m glad that whatever sparked my interest in this way of tidying up, happened. It’s probably a perfect storm of events. I had the week off, my husband was out of town, I had a company that collects donations of re-useable clothes and household items call me and schedule a pick up, I’m attempting to eliminate fast fashion and find my uniform, and emotionally I was tired of the clutter. Now, that’s a perfect storm!

I folded my underwear and socks - the right side of fifty

I’m so happy I cleaned out my closet and dresser! Now I’m taking stock of what I have and what I really need. My goal is to search out pieces that are ethically made, and, will stand the test of time, as they should, if I’m building my uniform.

It’s interesting, I haven’t even watched her show on Netflix which is called, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I haven’t felt the urge.I checked out the topics for each episode, and, none of them really compelled me to watch. I do like watching her short videos on YouTube, and I found that was enough and I was able to get the instruction I needed on her folding techniques in a matter of a minute. I’m sure her show, just like her book will provide inspiration to clear out the clutter in your life. The book of hers did that for me, even though I wasn’t quite ready at the time I read it. Have you watched her show? What do you think of her methods for folding? Have you thought of folding your underwear? -Anneli

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