Hair regrowth before and during menopause!

Well this is awkward… I want to tell you about my thinning hair, but, I’m kind of embarrassed to talk about it! But, here goes!

A few years ago I went on a spontaneous trip to Mexico with my friend from work. We had a great time just chillin and reading by the pool, or beach. Getting some sun, but, always wearing my SPF! When I got home I was aghast!! Yes! Aghast! I was in my bathroom, the bathroom light was on, and the light was spotlighting a wide part in my hair. That wide part was a terrible shade of pink! I couldn’t believe how wide the part was! I didn’t even notice the sunburn that I’m sure I had, because, I couldn’t stop staring at this shiny, pink, wide part! The blatant truth just smacked me in the face… I was losing my hair!

Hair regrowth before and during menopause | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

Well that just put everything into perspective! Those fine hairs at my hairline, and at the side of my forehead, wasn’t damaged hair like I had been thinking, but, it was bald spots! I was losing my hair! Eventually I noticed the same thing happening on the other side of my forehead. I was devastated, but, not shocked. I have fine, Finnish hair and thinning hair runs on my mom’s side of the family. I wasn’t surprised, but, I certainly wasn’t happy.

So, I started researching if there was anything I could do about it. I went and saw my doctor, just to make sure I wasn’t deficient in anything that was reversible. I wasn’t. There were no surprises. I was healthy, but, I was in menopause, and changes in hormones do effect some woman more than others. I take vitamins, I eat a healthy whole-food-plant-based diet, I massage my scalp, I avoid damaging products or hair tool as much as possible, and I don’t wash my hair more than once or twice a week. None of this made a difference. I was experiencing Female Pattern Hair Loss!

This is my new hair growth after 8 months of using Monat Intense Hair Treatment once a week. It’s so long!

This is my new hair growth after 8 months of using Monat Intense Hair Treatment once a week. It’s so long!

I was looking into trying minoxidil eventually. One day I was watching some of my YouTube channels and one lady was talking about this hair care she’s been using and then started selling for hair regrowth. I was soooo tempted to order from her, because, I’ve always trusted her reviews on products, but, I didn’t because she was so far from me in the southern states. I think I was still at the stage, where, I was able to cover up what was going on, but, I was collecting all this information for when I really needed to get serious about this issue.

Hair regrowth before and during menopause | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

Then this happened! My daughter who’s in her 20’s, and is in university, came home one day all excited and starts telling me about a business she want’s to invest in and start selling. She told me what it was, and, I couldn’t have been more happy! She was talking about the same products as the YouTuber was talking about. So, to end this long winded story. I have been using Monat, an incredible vegan brand of hair care since about May 2018. I won’t ever stop using it! The amount of regrowth I have is incredible. My part isn’t as wide, and the side of my hair where I was losing a lot, has tonnes of new growth, and the hair that’s there, is getting longer and longer. My hair dresser has noticed the difference!

An intense daily leave-in treatment for thinning hair that helps stimulate the scalp and boost the natural growth of thicker and fuller-looking hair while improving follicle strength. Its high intense blend of Red Clover Flower Extract, essential vitamins and active nutrients helps counteract the formation of DHT and reduce scalp inflammation. Safe to use on colored or chemically treated hair and extensions.
— Monat product benefits

The natural ingredients in the Monat products stimulate my hair follicles, and, allow my hair to grow! I use a variety of shampoo’s, conditioners, and styling products, but, the one constant is my Intense Hair Treatment. I won’t go without it! If you have any questions you can email me or leave a comment. I’d love to tell you more, and especially help you out, if, you’re experiencing Female Pattern Hair Loss like I was.

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