Simple home wedding

In early April my youngest son got married. He’s the first of the three. It all happened so fast!

Simple home wedding | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

No, there wasn’t a pregnancy, just, immigration issues.

My son is very lucky to have found her almost two years ago. So, this was a natural evolution of their relationship and when the decision was made, they didn’t dilly-dally around. The wedding happened in four weeks!

I had a feeling they would probably get married, and, I also wondered if they’d move away to South Korea. Those were my private ‘worry” thoughts. What would I do, how would I survive not seeing my son for long, long periods of time. Thank goodness those thoughts have all vanished! As my wise friend said… you’re gaining a daughter and your family is growing. She’s right! There is no loss!

If one day they decide to move far away, I’ll have an excuse to travel!

These were just my private worries, and, concerns. I’ve never mentioned any of them to my son, obviously! He would’ve thought I was crazy (maybe). But, I know that many mothers have the same thoughts as me, and, some don’t worry at all. Ever! I’ve spoken to some of them too, so, I know what I speak of. I’m sure it’s all got to do with our own childhoods and family dynamics, doesn’t everything?

Simple home wedding | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

It was a simple, family wedding with a few close friends. Because the bride’s family couldn’t get here from South Korea on such short notice, we kept it simple, yet, beautiful. A wedding can be done in four weeks time! Decisions have to be made in rapid fire succession, but, at least this way you avoid those painstaking decisions that seem impossible to make! There’s no time for indecisiveness!

Because her family couldn’t be here for the wedding, they flew the couple there! It was a whirlwind one week introduction for my son, to her family. His dream of visiting Korea had come true! That’s how they met. He was planning to go to South Korea after university to teach English, and he was looking for a Korean language tutor here in Vancouver. He met her!

Simple home wedding | THE RIDHT SIDE OF FIFTY
Simple home wedding | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

One day they may be repeating their vows in South Korea in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. I’m secretly hoping this happens! It would be such an adventure and a wonderful introduction to her culture.

Simple Home Wedding

  • We ordered bunches of eucalyptus, some white roses, and other greenery from our local florist. The bride made her own bouquet. The rest of the greenery we put in vases throughout the house.

  • We used faux garland mixed with real greenery to string underneath the tent intertwined with mini lights.

  • We bought potted small shrubs, some potted hydrangeas, and other flowering white plants for the patio, and the inside of the house. Her theme was greenery, with some white flowers. Minimal. She wanted a very natural, simple look.

  • We ordered food from a local restaurant and we ordered charcuterie platters, mini wraps, and sandwich platters from our local grocery store.

  • The wedding cake was ordered a week in advance from a Vancouver vegan bakery Edible Flours. (They were amazing and the cake was so delicious!) The bride wanted a simple white cake which she decorated with some greenery.

  • We got a local photographer, Carol from CAS Photography, and my friend to take the wedding pictures (check out her site because you’ll have quite a pleasant surprise!) She’s not a wedding photographer, but, she did such an excellent job for us!

  • The wedding was held in the afternoon.

  • Later in the afternoon, after the celebrations, the newly married couple left for a weekend honeymoon to a local resort, Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

A simple home wedding | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

What do you think? Could you plan a wedding in four weeks? Would you want to?!?

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