My 10 favourite YouTube channels

I spend a lot of time on YouTube now, more than even Netflix. I use YouTube for relaxation by watching various shows purely for entertainment, I use it as a tool for learning new things, plus I use it as a search engine for almost everything I want to find out about.

My 10 favourite YouTube channels | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

I want to share some of my favourite channels with you today. There is a variety. Some are related to skin care and makeup, others are totally food related, and others are purely because I love the channels cinematography and visuals.

My 10 favourite YouTube channels | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

My 10 favourite YouTube channels

  1. Jonna Jinton

    Her channel is beautifully filmed and is so calming to watch. This ladies lives in northern Sweden and films bits of her life being a creative.

  2. All things green

    She’s another Swedish lady who films some of her life living in the country. Beautifully filmed and really makes you appreciate the slow living movement.

  3. Justine Leconte

    Is a French designer living in Germany. Her videos are so informative on clothes and style. She really is a person that wants clothes to be sustainable and to decrease fast fashion.

  4. Hot and Flashy

    A woman over fifty talking about skin care and makeup! She’s aging backwards and is a wealth of information for everyone. She does all the research and tells us her findings… good, bad, or ugly.

  5. Use Less

    A Danish woman who talks about sustainable fashion and minimalism. Have you seen a theme? I really love all things Scandinavian and Nordic!

  6. Pick Up Limes

    This young lady is from my home town Vancouver, BC! She’s currently living in Europe and her channel is all about healthy plant-based eating. She has a beautiful aesthetic and her recipes are amazing.

  7. The Michalaks

    This dad films videos about his family in Britain and he makes them a movie. Love watching them even though I’m not at the baby stage with my family any longer. He’s got a super dry, British sense of humour I love!

  8. Philip DeFranco

    I watch him to get the latest gone on in North America. It’s not a news show per se, but, he covers some good topics.

  9. Jenny Mustard

    What can I say… another Swedish, minimalist, Vegan living in London. I love it. A bit about food, fashion, and minimalism.

  10. Schmidty Films

    My son’s channel! He’s a young film maker starting out in beautiful Vancouver, BC.. He loves comedy and that’s what his videos are mainly about. Nothing generic or politically correct here!

My 10 favourite YouTube channels | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

If you check out any of these YouTube channels, let me know in the comments what you think! Also, if you have a channel that you think I may like, especially if it’s about nordic life, minimalism or plant-based food… please share in the comments!

So, what’s your favourite YouTube channel?

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