How much sleep do you need in your 50's?

Do you think you’ll be able to get by with less sleep plus function as you have been functioning when you get into your 50’s?

Well, let me the bearer of some news for you. No! All adults need about the same amount of sleep. A woman in her fifties needs to get a minimum of 7 hours of good quality sleep every night to be functioning at her prime.

So what if you’e not getting a solid 7 hours of good sleep every night? I have some wonderful news for you. If you can change this one thing in your life, you will be able to strengthen your immunity, live longer and live healthier. Isn’t that great incentive to try to improve your sleep habits?

Are you the one that always catches the first cold of the season, the one that always gets sick before anyone else in your family (and then shares it 😏) , and you don’t understand why? There are many things to consider, but, have you looked at your sleeping habits? If everything else you do seems to be in order and you can’t figure out why your immunity is such that you always get sick, then I have one more thing for you to consider.

Sleep. That’s it! Are you getting at minimum 7 hours of really good, peaceful sleep? Believe it or not research is showing that sleep plays a huge part in our ability to have a strong immune system.

How much sleep do you need in your 50's | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

We are all much healthier if we get 7 hours of good sleep every single night. Our immune system will be stronger and we will be able to ward off the common cold much better, which is a huge bonus for me! If you’re interested in the research done regarding this issue here’s one from the US Library of Medicine. Basically they dripped the cold virus into the nasal passages of participants and you can guess what happened. (Yuck!) Yes, you’re right! The subjects that were able to get 7 - 8 hours of sleep a night were better off and had a lower instance of getting sick from the virus. What you should know is that 10 - 38 minutes of disturbed sleep for a person that was sleeping for 8 hours (and thought they had slept the “right” amount of time), increased their risk of catching a cold by 3.9%. So, that tells me that the quality of your sleep, plus the time you sleep is vital for health and keeping your immunity strong!

I always knew that sleep was so important, but, research is now actually proving it. So, it’s vital that you listen. Especially if you’re prone to getting sick or already have a compromised immune system. I for one believe sleep to be the foundation of health. It’s the building block that everything else hinges on. I know I’m talking about the common cold, but, there is research available that shows sleep is highly important for so many other health concerns including my passion project Alzheimer’s Disease.

How much sleep do you need in your 50's? | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

So, when the next cold and flu season comes around take a look at your sleep patterns and make sure you’re getting a minimum 7 hours of very good sleep a night.Before popping supplements check into your sleep habits and make make sleep your priority. It’s more cost effective and research shows it’s so much more effective!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Tell us in the comments. I know sleep doesn’t come easily to some, especially once you hit menopause and it can be extremely frustrating! Stay tuned! i’ll be talking about ways to increase your quality of sleep and also what may be hindering your ability to sleep a solid 7 hours.

Until next time… Anneli

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