Can you give up cheese?

Do you love cheese? I used to love my cheese. I mean I really loved it. It was the one thing that I thought I couldn’t give up when I stopped eating animal products, when I started eating plant-based whole foods, when I became vegan. But. let me tell you there are so many alternatives that are so much healthier and have that satisfying cheese-like taste! Yes it’s true and most of them are nut cheeses!

One of the first times I was introduced to a nut cheese was when I was on a little road trip with my husband and my friends in Naramata. I had already started cutting back on my animal products, I was basically vegetarian at that point because I couldn’t give up the cheese. But, this little inn we went to for dinner one evening had a cashew cheese on the menu. My friend and I tried it and we were in love. That was when I knew I could do it. I knew I could quit eating anything to do with animals because I had found my nut cheese! It’s an amazing feeling to have the craving satisfied with something that is so much healthier, with less fat, and loaded with protein!

The inn in Naramata that I had my first nut cheese

The inn in Naramata that I had my first nut cheese

Have you thought about giving up dairy but you’re hooked on yogurt or cheese or something else you feel you can’t give up? Maybe there is an alternative out there that you haven’t discovered yet. It’s such a huge movement right now to find alternatives for dairy products that it’s almost a certainty that whatever you may be craving is already being made in a non-dairy recipe somewhere. It’s certainly worth looking into. I just don’t believe there is any benefit to us adults having milk that is meant for calves.

Do you have any amazing non-dairy cheese recipes? Share your recipes or links with us in the comments! The more recipes the better. Anneli

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