Do you crave quiet?

Do you crave quiet? I mean absolute quiet with no radio, no talking, no music even. If you do it’s because you need it and your body is trying to tell you something.

I’ve been listening to a lot of books and I even have a few books on the go that I’m reading right now. But, I’ve noticed I’m going a bit crazy trying to suck in so much knowledge all at once. Ironically enough what I’ve been learning from all these books is that if you want to learn more and retain what you learn, you need to give your brain a rest.

So, if you’re like me trying to make use every moment available to you for self-improvement and education, you need to hear this too, as I have. Your brain brain work best if it has downtime. Just like your body your brain needs a rest on a regular basis to grow new synapsis and organize the information you have put into it. If you don’t provide this to your body it will be evident in how you feel. You may notice increased stress, anxiety, or a feeling of always being slightly scattered and unable to focus. I recently talked about this in a video I made on this subject which I will link here.

Do you crave quiet? | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

So, I’ve been putting what I’ve learned into action. I now listen to my books on Audible, only in the morning while I drive to work, and my drive home is now done in silence. I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t listen to podcasts or books. I just drive and let my mind wander for the time it takes me to get home from work which is about 25 minutes. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I must say I’m enjoying the quiet. The interesting thing is I’m really starting to appreciate the ride home which is now relatively silent. I’m actually looking forward to this quiet time, just like I look forward to my mornings when I write my Morning Pages. Writing Morning Pages has been my stress reductions method for about a year now and I think I’m also going to enjoy my quiet drives home just as much!

Do you crave quiet? | THE RIGHT SIDE OF FIFTY

I remember as a young girl if something was really bothering me or I had been in a fight with my little sister, or I was angry at my parents, I would get on my bicycle and ride for what seemed like hours, but, I’m sure it was no more than 30 minutes or so. When I got back home I’d be in a better mood. My anger or frustration would have dissipated and the day would go on as if nothing had happened. I think I was already doing this quiet time for myself back then and it was a natural reaction to stress. I think it’s something we all probably did naturally when we were young but as we get older we forget because we are so busy with life.. We forget to remove ourselves from the noise and distractions for a moment and let our minds have some peace.

What do you think? Do you take a time out and have some quiet time on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments how you give yourself mini breaks throughout the day.

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