These are some of my favourite things!

I’m listing my favourite products as well as links to some great resources that I’ve found. My goal is that everything I share, either inspires you to slow down and consume less, or helps you organize your life, so, you have more time to enjoy your life, or makes you feel better about yourself, and enriches your life in some way. So, here is a list of some of my favourite things in no particular order.


As a way to reduce plastic I try to use these Abeego wraps whenever I can. I wrap my sandwiches to go in them, I use them to seal bowls, I wrap my herbs in them, and I cover my sliced fruit and vegetables with them. I’ve had mine for at least a year already and they still work great!

Four Sigmatic

This company makes mushroom coffees and elixirs. Specific mushrooms are known to have huge health benefits which I want to partake in as much as possible, plus, have to say I love this company a lot because it’s founders are Finnish! I first heard about this company on the Rich Roll about a year ago, and since then they keep popping all over the place.. My favourites are the Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion’s Mane and the Lion’s Mane Elixir.


The hair care line my daughter started selling that saved my thinning hair! Now I also sell this line of hair products! I can attest to the fact that this line of hair care has a treatment that has worked to keep my fine, Finnish hair on my head! Contact me if you’d like to know more. I’m happy to answer any questions.


My favourite dotted journal! I haven’t felt the need to buy the official Bullet journal from this brand. I find the dotted A5 is perfect for what I need. I have bought some other brands, and, they are fine, you just have to leave a few pages in the beginning to use as index pages, and, you also have to number the pages yourself.

Muji pens

Best pens ever if you love a fine point! This brand has a .38mm tip! Now that’s a fine tip and it’s the one I prefer for my Bullet journal.. They also have the standard tip sizes if you like something a little bit thicker. I also like to have a retractable pen, because, I hate looking around for the cap, and, putting it on and off, and this pen has that covered too.

Bullet journalling

I bought a variety of planners in the past, but, I’ve finally found a planner (system) that i have consistently used for 3 years now. I always find that a planner has so many extras that don’t fit my needs. Bullet Journalling on the other hand, puts you in charge of the planner, you make it to your exact needs. It’s a super easy planning system that allows for the artistic to be creative and the minimalist to keep everything streamlines. Check out the official website to find out more. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hot and Flashy

I absolutely love this ladies reviews on skin care and make up. She’s in my age group, she’s thorough, and I like her personality. I find her reviews spot on and I’ve tried several of her favourite products. I’ve even loved something before she has discovered it and then I’ve watched her review and give her opinion on the item. This validated the fact to me that she was sharing what she felt was the truth about a certain item. Check her out if you are trying to figure out the best regime for skin care.

My Green Closet

This young lady I discovered a few years ago on YouTube. She was making videos while living in Berlin, she’s since moved back to the Pacific Northwest Coast. She’s has great information on the clothing industry, fast fashion, and more. I check out her resource page myself when I’m in the market for something and I want to do some research.